Passa Passa

Passa Passa is a every week event which has originated from Jamaica and is quickly catching on. It is alike a party on the street and is performed with dancehall music. Artists, Selectors, and Dancers who usually attend and have done a great deal to build the dance for what it is today includes;Bogle, Ding Dong, Marvin, Black Blingaz, Timeless Crew, Shelly Belly, Spikes, John Hype, Sample 6, Sherika Future, Jermaine Squad, Sadiki, Swatch, Maestro, Beenie Man, Future Girls, and Many More.

Passa Passa displays off the Caribbean culture to the fullest and is being promoted by many across the world today. Many foreigners are from across the world to join these every week parties, from Japan to American and From Europe to Africa. It is an even which shows off the dance skills of the people with the masterpiece of the dancehall music. This party is experienced to start from about 1am and sometimes goes straight to 8am and is endless music.

It has brought a sense of peace where all people from regions which are recognized to be violent come and love themselves and have fun without out worry. New artists come in the desires of having their music popularized, built ones come to check new sounds and discover the next big thing. Dancers some of whom were once violent gang members work to attract the attention from the famous name entertainers, manufacturers and promoters. These are chances to exchange their circumstances in paths neither the gun nor the politicians can transfer.

The Passa Passa is an event which should be checked out for your own curiosity, so if you haven’t already seen and found this then do so and check out the wacky dance styles with the up-tempo style of dancehall music running throughout the night till the sun rise and all can be streamed on

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